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The International Etruscan Sigla Project (IESP) was the Software Engineering 1 group project that was done for the Department of Classic's on campus. The main objective of that semester was to gather requirements and documentations.

Working on this project was among the most enjoyable challenges that I had while in college. I worked with a great group of individuals that aimed to do some amazing work. The experiences of working on this project has lead me to want to become a professional Software Engineer and to work in a group-based settings.

As the Project Manager, it was my task was to lead and organize the group to accomplish a specific task. This was a new endevor that I had not done before. However, according to my peers, I had done an amazing job. Below is one anonymous comment submitted to the professor about my performance.

Adil was the most crucial part of the team. He behaved at all times like a real project manager. He had superb organizational skills and carried all the meetings efficiently. The beautiful Bluehat website is his doing. He was also responsible for forming the group in the first place. We got pretty lucky, since he randomly picked us and we ended with a cast full of varied skills.Link to Project's Website